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Scariest Movie Scenes with Spiders and Bugs | Alterra Pest Control

Scariest Movie Scenes with Spiders and Bugs, Oh My!

It’s easy to get scared by ghosts, demons, psycho killers and other improbable matter but it can be even scarier when fear is spawned by something real. Knowing this, we here at Alterra Pest Control have compiled a list of some of the scariest movie scenes involving spiders and other creepy crawlers because we know exactly how a simple bug can make your skin crawl.

1. Arachnophobia
Anytime there is talk of a movie involving bugs, Arachnophobia is likely one of the first to be mentioned – and this scene is one of the many reasons why. While there’s nothing gory to be seen here, between the spider that lands on the girl’s face and the one hiding in the toilet, this is a very real moment that nobody should ever have to face!

2. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
OK, unless you’re carrying a ring with the potential to save and/or destroy the world, this scenario is a bit more fantastical; however, there is no arguing that Frodo’s encounter with Shelob, the enormous feeding spider in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, is utterly terrifying!

3. Bug
When a movie is simply called Bug, it leaves little doubt to what the movie is going to be about, however, who could have guessed that the bugs would be like this? This eerie scene is enough to make you never want to answer the phone again!

4. The Fly
We’re all use to a common household fly so when we’re confronted with an everyday human that spawns grotesquely into a hideous man-fly hybrid, it’s easy to see why The Fly was such a hit in its day. Couple that phenomenon with acid vomit of any variety, and its easy to see why this is one of the scariest bug scenes of all time!

5. King Kong Movie
In any King Kong movie, you would think that your biggest problem would be the over-sized gorilla with a chip on his shoulder, however, in this 2005 version, these jungle explorers find themselves fighting off some over-sized grasshoppers and other slug-like insects that are obviously hungry. We’re not even sure a professional exterminator could handle this swarm!

6. Tremors
These over-sized alien worm creatures might not be your most traditional bugs but this scene is just one of the many heart-pounding moments from the movie Tremors where the small town characters have to deal with some big time pests that are invading their homes … and their town.

7. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Even though Indiana Jones and his sidekick Shorty are stuck in an ominous death trap and piling on the suspense as they scream, “We are going to die, We are going to die,” nobody really blames Willie Scott for not wanting to reach into the tiny hole to pull the lever that will save their lives – after all, it’s crawling with some of the nastiest bugs on the planet!

NOTE: We couldn’t find that specific clip but take a look at the last bug in this scene, that’s what she was up against!

8. Men in Black
This may just be a hint of the other scary scenes yet to come toward the ending of Men in Black but when a zombie looking guy like this shows up to your counter and adamantly says “Don’t do that” as cockroaches scatter from his cuffs … ummm … DON’T DO THAT!

9. This Night I Will Possess Your Corps
Although this is an older Italian film from 1967, the suggestive title (This Night I Will Possess Your Corps) and the addition of a thousand terror inducing tarantulas is enough to send shivers down the spine. Also, because this is so far beyond anything else at the time, we think it’s enough to crack the top ten!

10. Land of the Lost
OK, enough scary stuff … we thought we’d end it with this funny Will Ferrell scene from his 2009 Land of the Lost movie. Watch as he keeps his cool while a prehistoric mosquito takes at least a pint of his blood directly from his jugular and another gallon from his spine… pretty funny stuff!

Now that you’re substantially paranoid that a spider is crawling up your neck or hiding in your toilet, imagine how the professionals at Dave Royce Pest Control feel each and every day after the job!

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